IPC Topics


  • Metrics
    Metric System - It is imperitive that you know the metric system if you plan to be successful in any science field. The metric system is the science standard for measurement.
  • Scientific Notation
    Scientific notation makes very large numbers or very small numbers easier to work with in calculations and data.
  • Significant Figures
    By using significant figures and following a few simple rules a scientist can include the precision of the tools used during data collection.
  • Unit Analysis and Conversion Factors
    In science, it is not uncommon to change from one system of measurement to another. The best method to accomplish this change is unit analysis.
  • Matter
    Since the basic sciences all deal with matter, it is necessary that you know a little bit about matter.
  • Atomic Models
    Atomic models - scientists use models to help describe phenomena that can't be worked with directly.
  • Atomic Number
    The atomic number brought power to the periodic table. Instead of the elements being arranged by atomic masses, elements were arranged by atomic numbers without one element out of order.
  • Electron Arrangement
  • Periodic Table History
    The periodic table of the elements is one of the most powerful tools in science; a single document that consolidates our knowledge of chemistry.
  • Lewis Electron Dot Symbols