What is Science?

scienceIn order to study science you must first understand what science is and is not. Science is unlike any other subject. It not only requires a person to think but that person must also prove their work. Therefore, you must have a definition of science and take the time to learn the process of science.

The next step is to determine how science is performed. Modern scientists want science to be as objective as possible without the scientist's biases interferring.

So, they use a set of procedures that would allow for discovery but still maintain objectivity. These procedures are referred to as the scientific method.

Scientific Method

The process of science is the scientific method.

It consist of a series of steps that can take you from problem to solution. However, the data must support the hypothesis to prove the possible solution.

  • observe
  • hypothesize
  • test
  • analyze
  • conclude

The scientfic method must be used or you don't have science. You might have philosophy or metaphysics but you do not have science.

Experimental Process

The most important part of good science is designing the experiment. You must design your experiment with as few variables as possible and have control of everything else. A controlled experiment will allow for the best data.

Experimental Design Steps:

  • State the problem
  • Choose a variable
  • Choose the controls
  • Design an experiment
  • Collect and organize data
  • Repeat the experiment

Remember that the best experiment will have only one variable.