Linear Motion

You need to have an understanding of inertia   and forces before you can begin to look at linear motion and the concepts involved with such motion.


Remember all those distance, rate and time problems you did in Algebra I or Algebra II ? Well, you were doing those to prepare you for physics.

So, you already have some experience with the mathematics of physics and except for a few small changes it's not going to be much different.

Displacement (s)

The concept of displacement is much like distance except displacement deals being out of place.

The change of position of an object described by the vector that begins
at the initial position of the object and ends at its final position.  

Velocity (v)

The concept of velocity is much like speed except velocity has direction. Velocity is a vector   whose magnitude is speed and whose direction is the direction of motion.

  • The change of displacement during a specific amount of time in a certian direction. 

Acceleration (a)

The concept of acceleration is the much like how the speed of your car changes when you step on the gas peddle or use your brake. Speeding up or slowing down are both acceleration. Is acceleration a vector  ?

  • The change of velocity during a specific amount of time in a certain direction.